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Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
on the applicants is important. using technology to verify claims that people make. i agree wholeheartedly that there cannot be a strict confidentiality provision in this. that's a dealbreaker. we can't prosecute all benefits fraud, so we have to have the ability to let an administrative process play out with those cases that are not going to go to yes attorney or be prosecuted by i speak we have to let uscis use its authority and tools like administrative removal to make sure that the people who are denied are not allowed to stay here anyway. that is a huge weakness and benefits programs right now. these are not small numbers of people that are benefiting from the fact that we tolerate so much fraud in this process. >> thank you. >> indifference -- let me be very brief. in the report published by immigration enforcement, we did identify gaps. one of the biggest gaps i think is frankly the either of my program about the fraudulent identification. that we do not have where we can say to the person ocean front of him or her is the person that the verification practices. we need to drasticall
Feb 6, 2013 7:30am EST
the college of william and mary, and a ph.d from the massachusetts institute of technology. today, dr. romer and mr. hennessy will be in conversation with the vice chair of the commonwealth club board of governors and partner at deloitte & touche. please welcome dr. christina romer, keith hennessey, and anna. [applause] >> thank you. thank you, massey, for your introduction. [inaudible] >> both dr. romer and mr. hennessy had to observation. you have someone who worked for republican president and another one who worked for democratic president to give stanford and cal. [laughter] spent they will share their views. hopefully that leads to a lot of enlightening conversation that we will have an also good questions and autistic so with that we'll start off with some of the defense of the week. we had earlier in the week and inauguration of president obama for a second term. getting into obama, and clearly the view, there's a lot of questions on how he is doing and what the administration is going to do, given what's happened in the last election. dr. romer, share some views given that you've wo
Feb 8, 2013 6:00am EST
and that their works can circulate properly. having a digital europe where the technology is at the surface of a civilizing project. ladies and gentlemen, all the members of the european parliament, 17 years ago franÇois stood where i am now. called on those who are listening to him to do all they could so that europeans could love europe. 17 years on, we have not really achieved that. and the risk isn't so much in difference now, but actual a feeling of separateness, a complete break almost. what is our responsibility? let's look directly at it as heads of state and government, as european commission, as a european parliament. let me be quite clear, we will move forward together or we won't move lord at all. but -- and time to wait for no one. we need to choose a new road for your. we've been able to get far worse challenges than this crisis in the past, but we need to define and set new goals for ourselves, and these new goals and ambitions can't simply be a skating -- a scaling down of what we end up in the past. it's illusory to think we should abandon what we've got. we've been trying
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3